DZYR has rocked the stage once again!

Last night was yet another fabulous show the DZYR BAND put together at the ‘Aashiqui Nite’ in Liverpool. People were eagerly waiting for the 29th Sept 7pm to witness the hype that the band was about to create, the trend they were about to set in the world of Sufi and Qawaali within Australia. It did not take minutes into the show for the band to win over the hearts of all the audience with their robust and highly spirited live performance.

Band members enthralled and entertained audience over memorable Bollywood numbers, old and new, and offered the best blend of light music, peppy Bollywood numbers and classical qawwalis. This show fantastically showcased what the DZYR Band was capable of performing. You name it, they got it.  A team of passionate singers and highly talented musicians, the band can put together a show of your choice.

Aashiqui Nite was indeed a night to remember. The venue was packed as musicians and singers held the audience captive and engaged as they participated by clapping along or dancing along, just as others listened, throughout the evening.

The musicians Sadiq Rehmani on guitar, Dilip Bhave on drums and Ashish Kumar on Congos beautifully accompanied the singers. Their expertise with the instruments they played, coupled with Parkash Pal on tabla, completed the picture. The musicians ensured that vocals remained the primary focus of the evening by supporting them as much or as little as needed.

The singers included Vikas Kolar, Anshuman Mishra, Gagan, Deepak Saxena, Parkash Pal, Heena Sachdeva and Lalitha Chellappan whose solos and duets were appreciated by one and all. If the applause in the room after every performance was not loud anough, then its because guests were seen turning their phones into Facebook Live mode. Songs like ‘Chikni Chameli’, ‘Kajra re’, ‘Bulleya’, ‘Roop Tera Mastana’ and ‘Chaiya Chaiya’ brought out the quietest of the audience to hoot and dance their hearts out to the tunes.

The highlight of the evening were a number of memorable qawwalis led by Aman who is the band leader of the DZYR BAND. It’s difficult to guess whether he’s more skilled with the harmonium or vocals as he excelled in both. The minute he played the notes of ‘Dama Dumm Mast Qalandar’ on his harmonium, it had people cheering as they knew exactly what was coming up. While the group chorused with Aman on a number of energetic qawwalis, his younger brother Parkash skillfully played the table filling the room echoing to the beats of the Tabla.

Aman rendered one energetic musical performance after another, much to audience delight as they experienced the mysticism that Sufi music brings.

Heres the gallery of few pictures and videos from this event.

DZYR band would like to thank the audience for their presence and the sponsors for their valued support.

If you desire for a unique rocking show for your event or private function, contact us now for bookings and inquiries.

Stay Musical.

Shom A. Pal

(Brand/ PR Manager)

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